Things to know before downloading new Apps

When it comes to installing any app, it often comes with a set of questions. Can Snapchat can get access to your microphone? Well, that very question to lead to get the access of your microphone, which becomes your search for getting an app. These questions should be given critical thought despite the fact that most of the apps are developed with good intentions. Downloading the ones that come from branded companies can offer you a secure solution, however, there could be many developed by cyber crooks for their vested reasons. Before you become a victim of such people, you need to know certain things before downloading the new apps. Let’s check some of these as under:

Always download the apps from known platforms (the official app stores of the platform). Like if you have an Android phone, get it done from Android Market, similarly for Apple, get it from Apple Store, for Blackberry get it from World and for Symbian get it from Ovi Store and so on. The third-party app repositories are not the preferred place to download the apps as not many things would be published as right. The Spam emails and SMS messages having links to the download apps talks about the compromised security risk as well.

Check reviews at Android Permissions. Most of the app stores display have reviews for the users for the apps to be downloaded. You can pay attention to what others have to say about the app they have downloaded and experienced while using the same. In fact, you can find several pages about the reviews that can be checked randomly. Checking reviews can help you know what issues or impact it can have on your device once you download and start using the same. While going through the pages of these apps, make sure you keep away your phone from malware that can come along with the app you download.

Check for Permissions, this is the next thing you need to check while accessing the application one would need to put on your phone especially on the permission that is based on the platforms like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. There are several smartphones that you need to check which would remain compatible along with the given features which you need to compare with the list of permissions over the resource access of the app. Giving access to small-time downloaded games to access your messages and contact list is useless as it will start sending out messages randomly and even would delete files as and when it finds the crunch of space.

Avoid rooting or jailbreaking your smartphone. For Apple users, it can be a good idea to get the apps installed from the App Store, however, if you jailbreak the device, it can make the device defenseless as it makes you get rid of the security layers. Similarly, the Android-based users also face the same problem if they tend to jailbreak or root their devices, they allow anyone to access their phone without any hurdle or issue with their installed apps.

Install BullGuard Mobile Security. Now, this is important, you need to install the mobile security suite over the operating systems to make the system up to date. With these security products, one can find enough protection from issues like malware and thus keeping the operating system intact. However, this can be done by regularly updating the operating system on a regular basis and allowing them to shield away from any kind of holes of flaw that the malware can give your device.