The Most Downloaded Apps in India

Indians are the second in the world to use the internet the most. A huge chunk of internet users is smartphone owners which makes a record selling in the world. When it comes to applications, these remain the most downloaded thing on smartphones and tabs. As per reports, around 4.8 Billion apps were downloaded in the first quarter of 2019 which has ever beaten the US with 3 Billion downloads. Well, it would be interesting to see the top most downloaded apps in India, let’s check them out:




We have seen the surge of the said social networking site in a big way. Today FB as an app has even dethroned apps like Tik Tok in a big way. As of now, we have more than 180 million downloads of FB app on their mobile phones. If we compare the previous year, the download has grown by 13 percent. You can download the app from the link




The next big app or popular app to download include Likee. It is owned by a company called BIGO, which is a Singapore-based group. It is a short video-sharing platform that helps the users to rely on using many special kinds of filters and has reached around 19 different places and we have seen more than 140 million times the app has been downloaded in India alone. You can download this app from the link




This app barely needs any introduction. All thanks to the massive use of this instant messaging app. You can find it at any place including smartphones and even laptops or desktops. The app remains the fourth most popular one to download on any mobile device. As of now, the reports suggest that in India alone it has been downloaded more than 150 million times. The downloads are increasing with the passing pace every year. You can download this Facebook-owned app from the link


Facebook Messenger


The next most popular downloaded app includes Facebook Messenger to be seen on all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. You can find the download going down since 2019 but in the recent past, there is an increase. You can download this app from the link


UC Browser


In the list of most downloaded apps on any phone or mobile device, UC Browser is also on the top. It has dominated social networking sites and we can see it continuing in a big way. It has gained around 117 downloads all over the world. You can download this app from the link



The next popular app is Helo, which is regarded as the leading social media platform

that has come along with the global desis in the world. The key mission behind Help is to bring everyone together and thus even empower people when it comes to sharing content in different languages. You can find it popular in many nations including India. You can download this app from the link