Steps to know before first-time sex

So, you have now decided to take a plunge into the world of sex for the first time then you need to check a few things to enjoy it the best. We all know the idea of losing virginity for the first time. However, to make it more enjoyable you need to check a few things as we will be discussing here. How about checking the same as under just to make it enjoyable and exciting:

Be ready

This may appear to be a little naïve though, yet it remains the most vital thing to check. Sex is a natural and physical activity apart from being an emotional one. You may feel nervous and at the same time, you can even feel a bit overwhelmed as well. If you are nervous, take a few minutes to think as to how much you are going to enjoy it. Don’t expect too much before you try out things. Apart from being emotional, you need to be also conscious to go safe with protection just to avoid any unavoidable infections.

Check the consent

You cannot enjoy it unless your partner is ready to have sex with you. Talk to your partner and once you find him or her ready to take a plunge then go ahead or wait till you see the green signal coming from the other side. Keep in mind if any of your partners seem to be drunk or even feeling some kind of pressure, do not count it as consent. The best thing you can do is to communicate. Also, ask for the things that can stick to you so that you can start enjoying sex.

Explore different kinds of sex

Sex can mean to different people different things. If you are using your mouth to lick it can be called oral sex. This could include sucking the vagina or nipples or penis. Generally, when people tend to have sex for the first time, they often go for oral sex. However, if you are going to the real one for the first time, make sure you go for proper protection.


Before you think about the end result think of the first things you do to start things in sex. These are called foreplay. Also, foreplay can help you enjoy the sex the best without actually reducing the risk of hurting each other. It is also that can help you and your partner to warm up for penetrative sex. These include kissing, licking, feeling, and stimulating your partner as much as you can. This also helps in making the mechanics among the men simpler.

If you find the man turning his penis to remain erect that further helps in entering the anus straight and help the women to enjoy. At the same time, we see foreplay helping women to feel wet down that simply acts like a natural lubricant making the penis slide easily. Lastly, it increases the fun elements while having sex.

Wrapping up

If you are trying sex for the first time, make sure you try these steps so that you get the best of the excitement.