Improve Employee Engagement with Apps

In any company, employee engagement is critical to business success. Many workplaces today struggle a lot to achieve it. The employees are not often globally engaged and a number of places we see the companies struggle with employee engagement in a flat way. The stronger the engagement the better is the team result in which they are engaged. Companies complaining about the same can rely on the number of apps, which help in improving upon the employee engagement. Instead of worrying about this issue, it is always a good idea to rely on these apps. How about checking these apps as enlisted below for effective employee engagement as under:


Here comes the app from this category. This app helps in connecting all employees in an hour and without any additional cost. This is called the all in one app when it comes to addressing issues like internal communications, improving employee productivity, and enhancing employee engagement. It is mostly used by companies having non-office employees who do not have access to a corporate email. The employees with this app can help in getting connected with their bosses. While the managers can create a dashboard and upload the required notifications along with monitor the employees.


The other key app to download for employee engagement is 15Five. It focuses on feedback, employee to supervisor communication, and peer-to-peer recognition. One of the key features of the platform is the “weekly check-in” for each and every employee. These are also known to have a “question management” feature which focuses on specific topics that can help in getting your employees engaged. This app is known for its interactive feature, which is very much similar to the social networking site – Facebook. All thanks to the ease you get to share the post.

Slack app

The next app worth downloading include Slack App, it is very much popular for this purpose. Thanks to the user-friendly feature along with other things that make it popular. You can find the interface to be very much similar to Facebook for the workplace. Except for the color and other things, many features are similar to the said social media site. It was launched in 2013, which seems to have made it gain another name called Facebook and email disrupter. It is a cloud-based platform, which can be used both at the PC and the mobile network for coordinating with the internal team communication and engagement process. It helps the teams consolidate their communications at a single platform.

Tap My Back

Besides these apps, one can find a slew of other apps as well. One of the popular ones includes Tap My Back. It is best for employee motivation and recognition tools, which helps the team members help to recognize each other in the given real-time besides allowing for team leaders to keep a check on the vital information about the team as a whole.