Download Best Music Apps

So, you are a music freak, right, this is the reason you are here to check some more interesting apps for your smartphone. Well, if you are an ardent music fan then you must be having many music apps on  your Android or iPhone mobile handsets, however, if you are looking for some then we have some of the best collection apps for you. Have a look at the top and best music apps as under:

Pandora Radio

This is one of the best music apps one can enjoy as it brings out personalized radio stations straight to your smartphone. All you need is to login with your e-mail address and then rest is all yours that comes by registering as a user. You then get a radio station that will help you find music and songs of your zest. You can download the app from this link


You can singing in using your email or social media account and thus get access to a wide range of songs suiting your taste and zest. If this does not work, then you can search the function of any type and favourite genre, track or artist. You can download it from this link

Apple Music

This app offers music streaming not just to the iOS users but also to the Android-based users. It comes along with standard music player, allowing  you to select tracks after getting downloaded on your mobile devices. You can download it from


Once you download it you can easily sign up through your e-mail or Facebook, this will offer you personalised recommendations as per your whims and fancies. You can tailor make the library and playlist as per your taste to enjoy your music. Download the app from


It offers high-fidelity music to your smartphone. You can sign in using your social media account or e-mail and choose your favorite genres, tracks, or singer to enjoy the music of your taste. You can download the app from

Google Play Music

It gives you access to curated radio stations so that you can listen to music instantly. You can choose music from your own created playlists to get things running. Download the app from

YouTube Music

This is popular app that can be downloaded on your smartphone and enjoy the music of your taste. All you need is to search for the music of your taste and enjoy the music and rest it does on its own. You can download it from

TuneIn Radio

This is among the best app for running music and enjoying it with great vigor and enjoyment. You can get the app for a 30-day trial and later you have to subscribe to enjoy the same with great amount of features. You can download it from

Slacker Radio

It helps in enjoying high-quality music tracks and can access music using your Facebook or Google accounts, or any other email. You can personalize a radio station as well but you have do it on your own. You can download it from


It comes along with a huge data base of music around 150 million tracks both for Android and iOS devices. You can sign up using social media or any email address and get access to tracks of different types. You can download the