Download Best Lifestyle Apps

The life today has become smarter with every passing day. Thanks to the presence of a number of smartphones available that make life incredible. The apps of wide range help in people in making life not just simpler but also smart. These include several lifestyle apps, which are enlisted as under:


This is a travel category app that helps you connecting places in no time. It helps you in all your travel requirements with great ease and performance. It also helps in connecting friends and people who are on a constant move. Download Swarm from

Foursquare City Guide

This app is of the Category of Food & Drink and it can help in finding the location of your friends and family. The latest version also help in exploring different places and the current location of people known to you. Download it from


The next lifestyle app falls under the category of shopping. It helps in shopping a wide range of products and packages with great ease. It is available both for iOS and Android, you can download the same from


This lifestyle app falls under the category of Navigation and helps in driving and parking. It keeps you update about the train and bus schedule along with doing a number of things. Download the app from


This application is more meant for productivity purpose and it has a calendar and has the required tool meant for mail and other things. You can have many more features in the new and improved version of Outlook. You can download it for both iOS and Android, download the same from