Download Best English News Apps

The News is an important element in the life of people and everyone craves to know by different sources. In the modern day, the smartphones are the best ways to connect news and the world. The news apps are best ways to connect with the world and keep abreast with the latest happenings. How about checking a few best English News Apps as under:

Google News

The first app to name is the Google News, which brings the best of the news and happenings before the readers of all the possible categories one can think of giving you a better and clear vision about different issues erupting in the media. You can get personalized news with it. You can download at


This is among the best Android-based news app and comes along with an aesthetically pleasing look. It comes along with the print-style page layout, which makes it simple to navigate. This app checks the news that you can easily visit and offer a wide range of stories. You can download it from

BBC News

This is among the most popular news app for the citizens. It offers the most unbiased and non-sensational news, which makes it the best. You get the latest reports from different nations at one tap. You can find the news feed section in a wide range of layout options extending to live streaming videos and other things. You can download it from


If you are interested in getting a combination of news and entertainment then the Reddit News app is simply the best. Reddit is a blend of social media, news aggregator, and even message boards, which offers an interesting and unique experience for readers. You can download it from

Smart News

Of late, Smart News has emerged out as the best news apps for the Android users. The app analyzes and studies millions of news article every other second and remains under different topics. You can download the app from