Download Best Education Apps

The smartphone is known to have loads of apps and you name any type, you would get one for you. So, educational apps is not an exception. We can find a number of learning and educational apps that are helping students to learn and faster and enjoy a good learning experience. Let's have the look at the best education apps as under:

Amazon Kindle

The app is among the best and traditional learning apps for the students. This offers a wide range of learning resources including reference guides, self-help books, how-to books,  text books, and many more. You have the option of buying it or get them downloaded free of cost. The cost of e-books are less when compared to the physical ones. You can download the app from


This can be called as an online portal of sorts. One can find a wide range of lessons and lessons. These help you in getting educated a wide range of topics. One can find courses and stuff on subjects like science, humanities and technology. One can get the access to video contents in wide range of formats like lectures,  and reading assignments. You can download the app from the link


This app came in the year 2014 and since then it was no looking back for the makers as they kept on enhancing and updating it. It is a language learning application, which will help you learn and master languages using different methods including mini games. It is free of use and you can barely find any add in it that makes this app a great learning app. This is a great learning app suitable for people of all age groups. There are different levels in it. You can download this app from the link

Khan Academy

The other learning app that needs to be listed here Khan Academy, which is an important and popular online learning resource. It has more than 10,000 videos that are backed with various courses and lessons.  It is a free of cost application and has loads of stuff to learn and master. You can download the app from the link

There are others that can be included in this list, which include LinkedIn Learning, PhotoMath, and many more that can help you in learning.