Download Best Calculators Apps

Everyone needs a calci, as it helps in a number of calculations. Thanks to the presence of several calci apps available at the smartphone for different operating systems, more and more such apps have become handy for us. If you are looking for calculator apps, have a look at the following calci apps, which can help you in calculating things with ease and comfort, have a look:


This is a new app with great look and nice visual appeal. In terms of aesthetics it is similar to the Google Calculator and other stock calculator apps. But at the same time it has several decent functionality. You can find both the advanced and basic arithmetic and even some algebraic functions. Also, get with it features like theming and many more things. Download Calc+


Another worthy calc app is Calcu for the Android users. You get some basics and advanced features like calculation history, customization features, memory keys, themes, and gesture controls. Though it may not be a complete scientific calculator, but have enough features to enjoy. Download it at

Demos Graphing Calculator

Happens to be an excellent mobile substitute for the graphing calculators. It can carry out all the basic stuff likes the complete assortment of scientific calculator options. You can also get graphs, stats, tables, and many more. The Graphs that are found happen to be interactive with loads of data to share. Additionally, the tables and stats are simply customization and it will work a majority of academia, while it happens to be be free with no in-app purchases. Download it from


One can a complete calculator app, which carries both the basic and the advanced procedures. The main focus of this app is fractions. It helps in carrying out a number of calculations with the help of decimal format. This is simply superb for early mathematics, especially the kids. You can download the Digitalchemy from