Download Best apps of Communication

We have been using traditional SMS text messages, which are simple to use, however, with the advent of smartphone apps have been ruling the world. These include the messaging apps as well like Send, Telegram, WhatsApp and Line to name a few. These apps help in sharing the videos and photos to the users. We can find a wide range of such apps popular for communication purposes. How about checking the list of Best apps of Communication, which are as under:

Facebook Messenger

This application is useful for the Android, and iOS and remain free of cost. It remains the most dedicated message application, which builds the chat network of the Social media giant. It helps in sharing GIF support and photo location sharing. It can be downloaded from


This communication app is free for all the smartphone users particularly the iOS and Android users. It is among the popular mobile app meant to communicate along with sharing photos and videos with friends and groups. You can even make a video and audio call using this application, and it can be downloaded from


The communication app is useful for both the platforms including Android, and iOS and can be easily downloaded to offer a wide array of ways. It employs your phone number like your login, and syncs with your phone for helping Viber-using contacts. It can be used to send text messages, stickers and emoticons,along with photos, voice and video messages. You can download the app from