Download Best Apps for Medical

Today, we have apps for everything, you name any category or genre and we have them in the play store. The same goes for healthcare and medical services. Well, how about catching up the list of best apps for medical as under:


This is one of the best medical apps available both for Android and iOS that gives doctors and drug information to people looking for the same. Doctor look for drugs using this app, while patients check for doctors, referable and other issues on medical problems. It can be downloaded for $174.99 a year as it has loads of stuff inside it for free, which include getting medicine name and other info. You can download it from


The other vital app is PEPID, which offers you the best and most updated clinical decision support/references that you need while getting an emergency room physicians along with nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, and paramedics to name a few. The app uses the cloud to update all the inform. You can download this app from


This is one of the most now an app for doctors and physicians who have downloaded the same from all across the world. It keeps updated with the latest coming in the medical stream along with keeping the doctors updated about it. It is not free and comes at a cost of 495 USD. You can download it from


The next medical app to note is Medscape, which comes from the recommendation of WebMD. It is available both for iOS and Android. It gives info about medical news and updates on various ailments and diseases. You can download it from


The next worthy medical app is Doximity that are for the doctors, and physicians. It is available both for the iOS and Android phones while you can easily communicate with a number of other doctors on the network, and thus send the HIPAA-secure faxes through the phone, it follows a number of news and trends as per your specialty, and thus browse a number of jobs and thus compare salaries. One can download the app from