Download Best Apps for Event Planning

In today's competitive market, one has to remain every very professional in his or her work. The hospitality industry remains very much professional and one has to ensure that they organise the events and other things with all care and professionalism. With the availability of different apps in event planning, things become simple and effective for the professionals working in this domain. Let's check some of the Best Apps for Event Planning in the following paragraphs:

Super Planner

It is a business application, which are excellent for professional event planning. It has several features including calculators for things like staffing catering, staffing, dance floor and venue capacity. It can cost you around 9.99 USD. You can download the app from the app from


This helps in creating event along with promoting it and sell the tickets. With this app, you would be able to double your social network along with helping people to share and discover events thus matching up your passions. It is free of cost app and can be easily downloaded from

Social Tables Check-In

This app helps in giving the event management professional fast and secured option to excel or paper event guest lists. This application also help in designing the 2D or 3D diagramming and seating a breeze. It is available free of cost and can be obtained with monthly service cost. You can download this app from