Download Best Apps for Comics

Comics have been the favorite of all and it were days when kids and young people used to hide their faces behind the books and comics during their vacation times. With changing time, the smartphones have replaced with books and other leisure activities but thanks to the apps that still give you the chance to read and enjoy these comics. How about exploring the list of apps that can help you read and enjoy comics, have a look and download best apps for comics:


This app is for both the users of Android, ad iOS, while for the former it is paid and for latter it is Free. It is among the most popular comic reading digital platform having all the major comics in it. You can subscribe the different comics using this app. You can download this app from


The other app for reading comics can be found out for platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. It is free of cost app for all the major platforms. It focuses more on the motion comics that carries different things together including the sound effects, dynamic panels, animated transitions and visual effects to get the rich digital comic experience. The app carries the comics like IDW, DC, Top Cow and Dark Horse, which are available both for the free and paid. You can download Madefire from

Marvel Unlimited

This is a popular Android and iOS based app to enjoy comic, which is available at the cost of $9.99/month. You as a user can subscribe the different comics at the cost of 10 to 70 USD per month or year respectively to enjoy the best comics on this planet. There are several added features like bookmark and many more to make your comic reading experience enjoyable. You can download the Marvel Unlimited app from