Best Video Players apps

Video streaming has become an important part of our life now. Thanks to the advent and popularity of the web series that keep on coming with one video to the other. This has made the use and popularity of many video players popular on smartphones and mobile devices. How about checking some of the best video players apps in the following paragraphs:


It is a popular video player, which is known to send out the locally stored content to Apple TV, and other devices. Besides, the videos it also supports different types of media. It has got a bit of a rough start. It helps to convert your Android device into an AllCast receiver. You can download this app from


The next popular video player apps is Archose on the Android platform, which supports video file like AVI, MKV, WMV, MP4,  and FLV to name a few. It helps you enjoy a wide range of videos on your mobile device. You can download this app from


It is yet another most video player apps and thus remains the best application of time. It features a number of multi-core hardware decoding and supports (DLNA) devices. The complete version of the app runs for $5.99. You can download this app from


The next app that comes in this list is LocalCast and it remains the key competitor to AllCast it performs a number of functions. These include the Chromecast, Xbox 360/One, Roku, Fire Stick, or Apple TV. You can download this app from


The next in this list include the video player apps that has been around since long. Now, it has embarked with a number of features and thus supports all video formats you wish to play. You can download this app from