Best OTT apps

Talking about the OTT platforms, these remain very much popular across the world for catching up on different digital content. Right from catching up on web series to movies, the OTT software apps remain the most affordable option to go with. In this digital age, everyone seems to be on a lookout for some of the best digital platforms and one of these include the following that is ranked on the higher side, how about catching up the list of top OTT software programs that are seen as under:


One of the popular and best OTT apps is Uscreen. It was launched as an app mostly for smartphone users meant for both TV and mobile. Having its launch for around 30 to 60 days, it has turned out to be an instant hit. From publishing a number of OTT applications to several automated updates, one can find Uscreen. tv to be among the heavy lifting options. It also helps you upload your own videos as well giving a live streaming service thus appearing to be the best choice for all. With its branding freedom, one can personalize the applications one needs to align your brand and thus offer a good amount of features as well.


One of the next best OTT platforms that comes to us includes an OTT platform or app is Muvi, which allows you good audio and video streaming options for all. Muvi remains a good choice for many people ranging from different age groups and it mostly focuses on the audio streaming thing rather than the video one. It is known to offer a complete stack approach in order to offer you a video on demand along with video hosting and audio hosting stuff along with giving the live streaming thing. This has emerged as a branded option for Indian media in this niche area.


The next popular OTT app is nothing but Dacast and it happens to be an end-to-end SaaS ott platform along with the best VoD hosting solution, which is available at 39 USD per month. It offers both the audio and video stuff along with the live streaming options all over a number of platforms like mobile devices. It also offers a wide range of choices when it comes to accessing the market from China that helps in boosting up the content footprint. You can even help in adding up the professional workflows along with the live stream recording solutions along with the video transcoding.

IBM Watson Media

The next app that seems popular is none other than the IBM Watson Media and it helps you measure and monetize your videos along with streams that are seen coming from different platforms. At the same time, it also offers several cloud streaming and video services like GPU computers and storage. Using the OTT app, one can do a number of things like video hosting, streaming, and automate speech getting converted into text.

Wrapping up

There are many more such apps dealing with OTT platforms while these remain the popular ones. Stay tuned to know and do let us know by commenting below the best.