Best Fitness Apps

For a fitness freak who visit gym to take care of their bodies often carry, sneakers, sweats and smartphones while carrying out their workout sessions. If you are visiting the gym without your mobile device then you fall under a small minority of people. Most of the fitness freaks today rely on their mobile devices for many things like playing music and doing other things. With a number of fitness apps available in the Play Store, which can help you in many ways. How about checking the best fitness apps as under, have a look at them:


This fitness app is for both Android and iOS provided you like group fitness classes. This app acts like your instructor with the audio commands and can help you in carrying out not less than 2500 unique sessions in 12 different categories. It is designed by 20 top trainers so that you get the best of the workout session.


If you are walking in a gym with notepad to jot down every single thing you do in this place and this app is the best app for you. It is available both for the Android and iOS, while it can help you in tracking your routine for your effective weight training programs.


The next app to be named in this list is RomWod and it is available for iOS only. It helps in tracking your fierce workout sessions including CrossFit then this app is certainly for you. It helps in tracking and optimizing a wide range of body movements. It can be availed with 15 USD per month.

Fitbit Coach

The next app to be named for your workout session is Fitbit Coach, which is meant for both the Android, and iOS users. It can help in tracking a wide range of workout sessions and thus make things the right. You can check both the available audio and video workout sessions.

Peloton Digital

This fitness app is meant both for the Android, and iOS users. It can helpĀ  in keeping a check over activities including running, cycling, outdoor strength and bootcamp as per your whims and fancies. It has more than 20 live studio classes and thus can help in accessing the same at the cost of 20 USD per month.