Best apps for sports betting

With the recent decision in the US, taking up digital sports betting seems to have got the green signal. The traditional sports betting along with the ones found on the digital platforms have the option of betting using different apps on the web. Some of these have even been launched and have become popular as well. In the fast-growing world of sports betting, these apps appear to be a ray of hope for them in embarking up with money using these apps. Let’s check some of the best apps for sports betting in the following paragraphs:


The first to name in this list is DraftKings. It offers users a huge amount of options to remain active in the daily and weekly fantasy sports contests. These are both free and paid users who want to try their luck in sports like golf, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and motorsport that help to win big prizes. It offers a wide range of formats as well including Head to Head, Double or Nothing and so one. Also, the users get the chance to choose from a wide range of leagues as well, which include NBA, NFL, PGA, NASCAR, and MLB. You can download this easy to use app from.

888 Sports

Yet another interesting app to download includes 888 Sports. It is simple to use and helps you in enjoying a real-time betting on a wide range of events like tennis, racing, and football round the clock. The app happens to have a good UI and is simple to use along with having a dedicated search bar, backed with excellent settings allowing users to get a variety of best opportunities for bidding real-time without much effort. You can easily access online funds and other things. The app has several payment options. You can download this app both for iPhone and Android devices. Download it from.


The next popular betting sports app is Betfair. It is a popular format that helps the users to enjoy a good number of opportunities to bet over different events without having a bookmaker. It is simple to use all thanks to the user-friendly interface that has several seamless playing options. It employs certain innovative principles along with giving the best deals to play this game. You can download the Betfair from the link.


The next app worthy to be used for sports betting includes FanDuel. It can be used for all your daily fantasy sports apart from giving you several cool features, which others might not offer. With this app, the players can easily fund the accounts along with withdrawing the amount along with draft lineups and thus accept invitations to different leagues. Besides, you can even check the updates news on it. The UI is sophisticated and accessible, which makes sports betting an enjoyable experience. You can download the app from