Apps YouTubers use to edit videos

With the growing pace of social media, we have seen different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other similar sites have gone huge with their popularity. This has added to the number of people trying their luck on YouTube as well who are also known as vloggers.  These people need some of the best online tools and applications. Some of these are available for free, while others remain for paid. If you are keen on exploring the number of apps that help people in this domain, how about exploring some of the popular apps that YouTubers use to edit the video, have a look at these as under:

Windows Built-in Movie Maker for Windows 7 and Photos app for Windows 10

This is the first app to consider in this list, which is available for free. It is compatible with Windows OS. It has helped YouTubers and even professionals for a long time. Both the veterans and amateurs use it for making videos and add the desired effects to them. It has several drags and drops features that render numerous editing functions like rotate, combine, split, trim, and even add music along with different themes.  The window movie remains a simple yet effective tool for vloggers and YouTubers.


The other popular app used in this domain is iMovie, which is again free of cost application for YouTubers. It is compatible with iOS and macOS. It helps in editing and working on videos using mac based devices. It is armed with several cool and practical kinds of video editing features. These include the video editing tool along with a number of other functions that offer different kinds of effects along with the toolsets that remain very much vital for Mac-based users who help their vlogs in a big way.

VSDC Free Video Editor

The next important application used for video editing and other similar things by YouTubers is this one. It is a free-cost tool, which is compatible with windows. It has a non-linear editor, which is known to give a good solution to veterans and amateur vloggers as one can find a wide range of video editing tools, which are very much user-friendly to rely on. It has different software support that helps in dealing with a wide range of image and video file formats. Thus all stuff you deal with your DLSR can be easily managed by this application.

GoPro Quik Desktop app

The next very much useful and effective software is none other than the GoPro Quik Desktop app, which is very much useful for YouTubers and Vloggers. The best part is that it is compatible with both Windows and macOS. If you are moving around global locations and want to shoot at different places like carrying out the road shooting videos, then this app is the best one. It can help in editing the footage along with presenting the stuff the best.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best apps that are used by vloggers and YouTubers. So, which one are you using? Do let us know by commenting below.