Apps that help you to find a perfect homestay

We may not be an exact slave of technology but the sad part is it we are becoming the part and parcel of our lives and we are seen as an app for everything today. Everyone can see us having a tough time here and we often need some break to get rid of the monotony in our life, well this is where you need a homestay at a place away from home. There are apps that are seen going to have a perfect homestay, how about checking a few as under:


One of the apps that are seen as review-based that are used with the application that is seen coming with comprehensive. It has several sections that are seen from different places that are seen relocating in different visits. All these can be found with medical and health along with financial and automotive services. This application can be found both for iPhone and Android and can be easily downloaded from the respective place. Find the link –


If you are not able to create any kind of list and then leave, then you can consider the application called the Homestay app. This very free application is seen helping with the help of book homestay that goes on. This is the one that needs a quick homestay host that is based in Dublin, Dubai, and other places. The help of this Nifty app helps in covering the same. You can download the same only from your iPhone. You can catch the same as under:

Lonely Planet

There are several apps that can help in giving you the best. When it comes to Fast Talk that is literally seen helping that are seen paying like a local part. You can find the details in different languages like Latin, Spanish, French, and Italians, etc. You can even get help in getting in the same. Well, you can download both for iOS and Android from their respective play store.

Like your local guide 

This is yet another free-of-cost application is like your local guide. However, for advanced features, the application can be downloaded at a cost of €1.79 /$1.99. This seems to be good news that is seen in a free download when it comes to installing it over the application. But if you are looking to access them within five days and thus have to use them wisely. They do not have the biggest choices of cities like the world you can do this having with Paris, London and others. This application can even work offline. You can visit the site – 

Field Trip 

If you are looking for the same then you can think of downloading the application called Field Trip. If you are interested in getting surrounded in the new city and then go for the same. This application is supported by the search engine giant called Google. You can download the same for the iPhone and Android. Check the link as under