Apps that help you to Crack any Interview

Interviewing is not an art but a skill, which needs good preparation and practice. The kind of time one would allocate for getting all depends upon the number of preparations and practice. The more time you give for preparation the better would be the result of the interview. With several apps available for the candidates to prepare for the interview, one can prepare the best for the jobs. These help you in focussing over the right areas thus making you more productive in this regard. The following are some of the popular apps that can help you in cracking the interview:


The first in this list is Wordzen, which is useful for both the professional and polished work. It works like your executive assistant for your Gmail id. By just pressing the smart send button with the preliminary draft, one can see the app transforming the shorthand notes into professional emails. These services can help in ensuring perfect English along with making it with a perfect tone along with going with the right word choice and sentence structure. It is free of cost app and can be downloaded from –


The next comes is the Charlie, which helps in making your profile in the right shape as per the recommendations of the HR. It helps in creating a lasting impression with the job interview. It helps in combing via a wide range of sources along with sending the employers the one-page email and others. The algorithm of this app has been automatically designed with the help of social data and highlights the company news, along with the key competitors and more. You can download this app from


This is an app that helps in connecting you to your employers like Twitter. It helps in informing about your workplace along with the culture and other things of your potential company. It works like a search engine for you along with acting like Twitter and LinkedIn thus doing things like helping you in your job application process and carrying out other things for the candidate. You can download the app from


The other app that is worthy to check and download for your interview preparation is Pramp. It helps in practicing the technical interview for free along with customizing the live video session and then allows you to focus on specific weaknesses over the areas of ambiguity. With this app, you can get enough conversations for free and thus even get the feedback on time. You can download Pramp from

Job Interview Question-Answer

The App helps in gaining confidence in preparing for your interview. It helps in unleashing a number of Q and A job interviews along with practicing the tough interview questions for the mock interview. Besides, it offers a wide range of features that help in managing things for your interview. You can download this app from