Apps that help you to be a successful blogger

Today with modern-day phones like smartphones, Tabs, and iPads. These mobile devices seemed to have replaced devices like laptops and computers. People from all professions seem to have been using and relying on smartphones and similar mobile devices. All thanks to the presence of a number of applications, which help professionals in carrying out the task at par. The same goes for writers and bloggers who can leverage from the same. How about listing out mobile apps for bloggers that can help them organize their blogs with their mobile devices or smartphones, have a look:

1). Apps

When it comes to apps for bloggers, the first one to name is apps. It is neatly designed for managing the app along with hosting WordPress websites. This application is available for both Android and iOS-based devices along with desktop computers as well. It helps in writing and editing the various posts, which are to be posted on the blog along with sharing a number of photos along with managing comments and push notifications. One can download the same from the website – and then install the same via install JetPack on your website.

2). Ulysses

If you are keen on enjoying some killing writing experience on your device like the iPhone is Ulysses. It is the top paid app for bloggers, which is known for its pleasing experience. This application deals with getting your way while you are writing and allowing you to become more productive even while you are on a smaller screen. It is one of the writing applications that can work with WordPress and Medium. Besides, it can even work with platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Notes, and many more. You can download this app from

3). Feedly

The next comes the app called Feedly, which is a useful blog. It helps in making their blogs and website attractive in one go. This app is among the smartest ways to subscribe to make your blog or site your favorite making it a favorite website and then allow your readers to retain for a long irrespective of the device you have been using. Interestingly, this app is available for browsers including iOS, Android, and other operating systems for mobile. It comes with one of the best RSS feed readers over the market. It offers a very clear and clean reading experience and intelligent tracking for the things you have read along with the help of easier tools in order to organize the subscriptions. You can download the same from.


The other app, which is useful for bloggers and online writers is IFTTT. It helps you in automating a number of aspects when it comes to blogging and social media. In other words, it is a virtual assistant, which often loves or wishes for. It helps in automating social media, mobile usage, and blogging along with the internet of things. In other words, you could set up the condition for different sets of apps that are seen matching up with the conditions that are carried out for different actions which the blogger defines. For instance, it helps in tweeting about the new articles along with sharing the same over Facebook, and retweet articles to name a few. You can download the same from play store – 

5).SocialPilot app for Social media management

The other known apps for bloggers include SocialPilot app for Social media management. It helps you in staying active on different social networking sites that help in improving the fan engagement rates along with attracting a number of fans with your blog. Every time if you are publishing any post, it helps you in getting shared over a number of social networking sites. You can download the same from.

Wrapping up

Besides, there are other apps for bloggers, which include Evernote app for note-taking on the cloud, LastPass, PushBullet, HootSuite, and Evernote to name a few. These can help you in your blogging efforts the best.