Apps that control your sex life

It is never too late to try something to add spice to your sex life. It will add the intimacy factor to your life. Having a healthy sex life can help in adding up a good impact on your overall wellbeing, thus it is always worth checking the points in your life that would help in adding up the sexual wellness along with putting different aspects of your health. Just look at some of the apps that can help you in controlling and making your sex life better and smarter.


Ferly – This app is the best when it comes to enjoying some mindful sex in your day-to-day life. It helps you to become more mindful by making your sexual wellbeing better. The app has a number of audio guides that help you in listening to the things you need. This can be both erotic and scientific information about how to manage your orgasms and the way these are guided the best in order to partner when things are not alone. You can easily download it from


Dipsea – The app in this category is Dipsea and it is best for audio erotica. It involves the best for the audio stories along with listening up different. This application helps in some interesting way to boost up the sex life. If you have never dabbled with audio erotica earlier, you would be missing out in a big way. Your brain gets intimated and so are your orgasms. Well, the app is not free to download and it can be gained from Google Play by paying around 7 USD a month.  It has a library full of stories that can boost up your sex life. Well, check this link and download the same -. 


Enjoy – If you are looking for something natural and worthy of checking for your sex life and sex care then this app can be the best bet for you. It works on the principle best features like the painkilling and anti-allergens and stress reliever as well that you can do the best. It offers a wide range of audio guides along with different topics giving the best of the topics like desire, pleasure, and self-esteem. The app helps in mapping all your sexual health and activities that will help you in giving things right. It is a free-of-cost app to download for the content, it charges everyone that goes around 35 USD on an annual basis. You can download the app


Lover – If you are looking for an app for getting a better sexual experience, the lover can be the best bet. It helps in enjoying good sex. You can watch a number of videos along listening in order to guide over different aspects of different sex regarding mental, emotional, and physical stuff along with making it tailor-make solution. Having said that one can find a number of sets that are seen coming along with the best. You can get the same at a monthly subscription. You can download the app.