Apps that can track your daily habits

We live with our habits and it’s our habits that rule us. These habits are of different nature that is to be sorted out and made into small ways of doing things. A majority of people are not aware of how they should be doing things when it comes to habit. There can be some habits including smoking, or any other negative habit that can be tracked and clamped down using apps. Yes, you heard it right, there are several apps that are meant to track your day to day habits, how about checking it as under:


One of the popular apps to keep track of your habits include Habitica. It is very much creative in its approach when it comes to tracking and maintaining good habits. This app has taken its inspiration from RPG video games, where one can find each and every task you need to complete that can help in customizing the avatar by offering an additional incentive in order to keep you inspired. This comes with a unique video along with tips and tricks that help you track the same. You can download this app from the play store with the link – for Android users, while for iOS, you can install it has.


This one of the popular apps that is meant to keep track of your habit is Stickk, which has helped in developing several behavioral economists at the known universities like Yale. Once you register over it, you end up creating the commitment contract with the help of yourself along with reaching your goals along even betting the money on yourself. Once you register, you end up remaining active and feel motivated which can help in assigning a friend or family member along with checking the data just to find out if you are able to get to your goal or not. You can download both for iOS and Android from the following links:




The next big app in this category is Habitshare, which usually deals with the social networking site thus making you grow the habits with friends. The social options are their one can find are uncommon and unlike any other social networking site, there are messaging options that help in communicating with your friends in real-time. This helps in motivating your friends and even keeps you motivated all the time as per your goals in order to make your par for the team efforts. One can even disable social aspects by making things private. You can use this app for things like scheduling the tasks to be done on a monthly basis along with checking to submit your bills on time. You can download the app from