Apps that can help with depression

Whenever you find a person struggling with mental health issues, he or she is likely to face ailments like depression. At such junctures, they may not know what to do next. Those who are seen lacking the idea of accessing mental health care resources, end up finding things very much challenging about knowing where to turn. Today, one can find a number of options one can see going beyond the conventional treatment options like medication and counseling. There are new technology drive options, which tend to remain more affordable and simple ways to access. Thankfully, there are several apps, which can help you in fixing the depression can help in fixing this issue, how about checking the apps that can help you with depression.

Emotional Chatbots

One of the popular apps to get support for ailments against mental issues like depression emotional chatbots. We often shy away from discussing our mental blocks and issues like depression as there is a social stigma issued to the mental issues. It is an emotional chat discussing depression in a big way. It uses the rely on emotional AI, where one can see the bots talking about giving support to people with issues while it is taken forward by an expert. You can download the app from


The other application meant to fix things depression is Replika App, which is described as the private perceptual world where one can find openly sharing one emotion and thoughts. Whether you want to pose any question about it or track what comes to your mind or you would need any help on issues like depression and anxiety. This happens to be a free chatbot tool, which offers 24 x 7 support. The users of this app have positive reviews about the same and it works incredibly realistic. This app is available both for iPhone and Android phones. You can visit the app.


The other key free application for fixing depression is none other Woebot, which is available both for the iPhone and Android devices. This helps in checking a number of cognitive-behavioral therapy. This application is backed by a team of professionals including clinical psychologists and others. It comes as a chatbot tool in order to gain the emotions along with tracking their mood and thus dealing with depression and feelings. According to the initial study, the app is seen coming with good research periods that are experienced in a big way that helps in symptoms of depression. People using the app have something good to say about this app. You can download the app from


The other app that comes into this category includes Youper, which is created by one of the leading clinical psychiatrists along with making it with the AI experts, this application helps in improving the overall mental well-being. With the help of using the issues like meditation, acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. It is meant both for iPhone and Android-based phones. You can download the visit app from play store.