Apps that can help to improve your sex life

The smartphone has given every type of app, you name it and you would have. Some are games, while others could be anything exciting that can remain in your bedroom as well, thanking you for your life. Think of better sex life and you have several apps that can help you in boosting up your sex life the best. You can find the number of apps in this category, how about exploring the same as under:

Naughty Sex Tracker

The first to name is the Naughty Sex Tracker, which helps you track our mood and make things better for your bedroom. It is available for the iOS, which carries a built-in HealthKit as given by Apple for automatically reading and storing the data on your sexual encounter you need to have for the session you have. It also helps in rating the rendezvous if you want to keep things slightly creepy. It is available on iOS and comes for free.

Dirty Game

The other worthy app to consider for this category is the Dirty Game, which makes your mood the best to enjoy a perfect life. It opens up a certain ice-breaking question about romance, flirting, foreplay, and sex by giving you different tasks on board. These are further helped in building up the getting down and damn dirty thing to enjoy. It is available for the iOS-based phones for free.


The next comes in the form of Desire which is a level up lovemaking app giving the best gaming kind of experience for your cool sex life. This app also gives you certain points to earn by giving different tasks and games to you and your partner asking your partner to enjoy a good time under the categories of fantasy and outdoor. This app is available both for iOS and Android and comes for free.


The next best app in this category is Kindu, which asks a partner about desires and fantasies. It is about giving the red-faced chat by getting the two users in order to swipe left and right. it also gives you many more things to enjoy including giving you not less than 600 scenarios in the form of alerts as per your matches. It can be called a Tinder kind of app that can help you and your partner feel seriously horny. It is available both for iOS and Android phone users.

Sex Positions 3D

As the name indicates, it helps the users in guiding upon the right kind of position to enjoy perfect sex life. The apps can give you hundreds of examples to make and boost up your sex life the best giving your different exercises calling them as ‘exercises’ that can stretch both your limbs and your imagination. You can also find one option to go all naked Minority Report as you get to wear a pair of 3D glasses. This app is available both for iOS and Android-based users.

Wrapping up

These are some of the apps found in this category, enjoy them together to have a good time with your partner.