Apps that can control your mind

As we pass from the tough time trying to adjust to the new normal, it is usual to see how people are under tremendous pressure. In this tough competition, everyone seems to be under pressure and stress. This is so normal in today’s day to day life. But this does not mean that you have to visit any psychotherapist for any session or treatment but there is some way out to manage your mind and control your emotions. In a long list of apps, there are a few which can help in controlling your mind as well, how about checking the list of apps that can control your mind as under:


One of the first app to name in this category is Lumosity. It carries a number of games, which focus on improving the memory of the users along with sorting out the problem and increasing the attention span. It also helps in shaping up your thoughts. With the three games in each session, your brain gets the challenge of changing every time. The users are required to complete the games when they are given to play the same against the lock. It has a free trial option but if you going for a full version, you have to pay around 15 USD per month for the same. You can download Lumosity from

Fit Brains Trainer

The other worthy app to count upon is the Fit Brains Trainer, which is basically a set of ten games that are seen working in different domains with the brain along with improving upon the memory along with the focus point. The users are required to finish the right kind of task for each category on a day to day basis along with keeping the apps on track for the progress of a graph that remains color-coded. It is available for free and can be downloaded from

CogniFit Brain Fitness

The next app in this category includes this one which is developed with the help of neuroscientists. It is a fun kind of app, which helps in improving the cognitive abilities of a person. These very well include features like memory and concentration. It helps in tracking the progress of a person along with playing the challenge of the rounds with the help of your friends. This very app can help in changing the difficulty levels in order to suit the profiles of the user along with offering the recommendations as per the results. Just sparing half an hour once a week can help you a lot. You can download this app from

Brain Fitness Pro

The next worthy app is Brain Fitness Pro, which is a perfect match in this category. It is a free app as far as the basic level is concerned, however, if you are looking to enjoy a complete one you can get it by paying a meager amount of 3.99 USD. This app helps in shaping up your IQ along with improving upon the intelligence along making the memory sharp. This application can be fun and is also known for being very much user-friendly and just by sparing half an hour you can leverage the best. You can visit the site at –.