Apps for your Wedding Event

A wedding is often regarded as the big day in anybody’s life, but it often ends up becoming a daunting task for obvious reasons. You have to do a lot of things and spend time in planning and managing things beforehand and thus taking life for a while. But to make things easy, there are several Apps for your Wedding Event available on PlayStore that can help in making your wedding event simple and easy to handle.


One of the most useful apps for managing the gala events like wedding includes WeddingHappy. It is regarded as the best and smart wedding planning app. It starts smart by adding the wedding date and then starts building up a customized schedule for you along with adding a number of a to-do checklist, which can further help you to carry out things as per your needs. Also, you can track for several things including payment, spending summary, options for co-ordinating vendor contact details along with checking the ability to sync with other users.

Tie The Knot

This is one of the most exciting trackers which is developed to manage the wedding events. It helps you keep an eye over the number of days that are left for your wedding day along with counting things down as per every hour and minute and even the second. It can be fun to use the same and thus make you feel excited for the big day.


The other best app for planning and managing a wedding event is iWedPlanner, which covers a wide range of wedding planning bases. You can find a to-do list feature in it that helps in keeping track of different things you are supposed to do in your day to day life. It helps in organizing all your vendors in this application and thus take down notes that come along your way. It also helps in keeping the track of RSVPs. This app would help you in doing the same with the seating arrangement.

Wedding Countdown

This can be called as a countdown tool but with a difference. It will help in keeping a track of things by days, hours and minutes till you end up getting your big day along with offering some special units as well. These special units can be anything, right from the kisses to heartbeats and special time you have spent together with your life partner. You can further customize the experience with any song that you like the most by simply adding the photos.

Table Plan

The next best app that can help you in table planning, which is often regarded as a nightmare for many. This app comes as a ray of hope for managing all your guests as per their whims and fancies. Table Plan helps in adding things with great simplicity and thus allows you to add the number of guests as per your whims and fancies. You can even set restrictions allowing the app to do things on their own.

This is our list, what is yours, do let us know by commenting on this post!