Most useful apps for your daily needs

Life without a smartphone is incomplete today in the modern-day world, while the same phone is incomplete without having a good array of apps. You need apps to do a wide range of things, which include checking the weather updates, pay your utility bills, check your budget and manage the same along with a wide range of things. It would be interesting to check some of the most useful apps for your day to day needs as under:


Without this app, your phone is incomplete. This is among the popular instant messenger that helps in communicating with people far and wide along with sending photos, images, videos and other formats to friends and family. You can download it from


The best app to download and use on a daily basis is Viber. It helps in calling people to different nations and places and thus connect people for personal and professional use. It has more than 100 million users all across the world. You can download this app from


This is like a notepad for you to jot down a wide range of things along with even sharing and storing things like audio, video, images and other things. It can easily note down a wide range of things you keep in different formats are it is easy to synchronize. You can download it from

Google Drive

This app is for Free for use that helps in saving a wide range of documents and files. If you have been using the Google Docs, which is known to give the best option for you. It simply works perfectly with a number of other Google apps since it has been made by Google.


This is a popular app that has been helpful in connecting many people all across the world. It helps in sharing a number of photos and videos to your friends and followers. You can download the same from