Apps for Decorating Cakes

Come Birthday, anniversary or any similar juncture, one thing that remains common on these days is the cake. When it comes to decorating a cake, it is often called a daunting experience. The reasons are obvious it demands putting stress on your grey cells coming out with something interesting and creative in the media. Well, but thank god, we have several apps that can help you in decorating your cakes, how about checking some of the best applications for the same for your phone device, have a look at them as under:

Cost a Cake Pro

The first app to count upon including the one called Cost a Cake Pro. It cost you around 6.49 AUD and is often a worthy experience buying the same as it helps you come out with a wide range of designs and decorative ideas for your cake. This app is also useful for your business venture if it deals with cakes and cupcakes. It not only helps in decorating the cakes but also other things along with others. It has several tools and features that help you catch the best of the designs. It can be downloaded from.

Tiered Levels

The next worth checking for decorating cakes is Tiered Levels. It can cost you around $8.49 AUD. All you need to do is to enter the details of your cake requirements and instantly you end up getting all the required designs and details that are worth trying them on the cakes. It has an email guide for you that helps you to try various types of combinations on your own. It can be downloaded from the link

iHandy Carpenter

The other worthy app to decorate the cakes and cupcakes include the one called iHandy Carpenter. It can cost you around $1.99 AUD, which is pretty cheap for anyone to buy it. This app comes along with five different tools, which include plumb bob that remains the easiest way to verify the verticality of lines and walls. It can give you the best seeing when the side of the cake is seen straight. A surface-level whether you check the top of the bottom would appear flat. The app also has other tools including the one called Bubble Level that remains the steel protractor that helps in measuring angles along with the steel ruler that ends up supporting both the inches and centimeters. You can download the app.

Autodesk SketchBook Pro

This application is meant basically for iPad, which can cost you around $5.49 AUD. It encompasses a couple of videos that helps you give decorative ideas. Thus helps you to design cool cakes for your clients. You can download the same from iTunes.

Wrapping up

There are several other apps as well for decorating the cakes, which include Pixlr-o-Matic, which is forĀ  Android, it is basically a Photo editing app that helps you in decorating the cakes the best. The other include FX Photo Studio: Pro Effects. Both the apps are for Android and are available free of cost.