Most Dangerous Apps In Your Phone

In a long list of mobile apps, one can even find some of them in a dreaded classification for IT. The fact of the matter is that there can be millions of them which can be developed without any concern for security. Some of the IT organizations are seen having to counter potential threats from mobile apps with the help of blacklisting programs when they are seen getting risky, but these do not remain too much effective. The following are the Most Dangerous Apps In Your Phone, which you need to get rid of them on an urgent basis, have a look at them:

Weather Pro

The weather apps like Weather Pro can be a popular choice, however, the users relying on them found a number of viruses on them. Digging deep into the same, this weather application is known to have an in-built trojan, which seems to have collected the data from your phone and send them to the attackers. For the credit card users, who rely on their phone tend to lose their data instantly. It is often much faster and easier to check weather forecasts can be seen getting accessed via a browser.


There are several optimizers like OptimOk and Clean Master can be a help in clearing up your cache along with making you free from the unwanted programs, yet it can be lethal in many ways. A majority of phone lovers are seen as having the function in the system that tends to make these applications simply useless. These also are known to make the battery life shorter. You would make the system very much faster and slash down the bonus element. The other apps of this category include the Housekeeper and Rational Approach. Thus you need to be careful with the apps of the same category.


The applications fall under the category of the Built-In browser, which is often installed over the phone system that tends to remain out of the box but these end up making your phone popular and slow. In a majority of cases, the built-in browsers seem opening when you are seen clicking a link. However, with browsers like Google Chrome, which offer an extra edge over security, the other programs like Pexels do not add any protection from data interception and end up slashing down the system performance.

Virus Cleaner

One of the popular apps to be seen in the smartphone include the antivirus. However, most of the viruses tend to become the hacking tool for the developers that tend to squeeze the data from your phone and send them across. The hackers then make the use of your classified data and end up making things right. These applications can even squeeze your personal data and then block your phone in many ways. There are many more apps in this category that are to be removed once for all. These include Power Clean System Cleaner and Free Antivirus – remove viruses.

Wrapping up

There are several apps that can be dangerous to have on your phone, check the reviews and get rid of them on an urgent basis.