Download Best Puzzle Apps

You get to see a lot of touchscreen controls over your smartphone  and some of these offer you some unique opportunity for puzzle games. These are best suited for all your pocket devices as they remain the best choice to play and enjoy for free while others for paid. Now, how about checking some of the best puzzle apps as under:

The Room

This is among the most widely popular and celebrated puzzle franchise for the Android based mobile devices, which give endless hours of challenging puzzle fun. This game is similar to the adventure games like Siberia and Myst, which offers huge entertainment with some of the best visuals that you can find over Android platforms. You can download it from


The other popular Puzzle based game is Dissembler, which is a colorful game that is meant to relax your mind and soul. It features some of the best and fantastic puzzles. It is available in three different levels, and to play this game you need to flip the tiles for matching the color and it starts out simple and nice that works on the basic principles before embarking upon to the complex levels. you can download it from the link

Bridge Constructor Portal

This is yet another puzzle based game which are based on physics and moves on in its own right. The new spin-off released in the recent past help you add the concept and thus adds in all the wacky elements from the Aperture Laboratories. You can download the game from

60 test chambers

This game helps you test the vehicles as per your whims and fancies seeking the help of portals, repulsion gels and propulsion while you prevent from things like lasers, pits of acid, and sentient turrets. This is certainly an interesting cross-over title, which offers a challenge, which can help the fans to enjoy while being the Bridge Constructor and Portal . You can download it from


You can find loads of fun with great surprises. Here you only goal is to swipe around the grid and then match like the numbers. But you need to be very much strategic as if you fill the board and is unable to find the moves you end up the game game over! The newer version gives you some of the best and truly unfettered experience, you can download it from the link