Best Tools apps

The Smartphones are known for having several tools. The app developers are often seen embarking upon with tons of tools and the genre for developing the same can be really very diverse. One can find loads of Android tools and utility apps which both the Android and other operating system offers. The following are some of the best tools apps for various platforms, have a look at these as under:

Find My Device

This remains the most valuable Android tools available free of cost. This application allows you to ping the location of your smartphone device that could have been stolen or lost. It is compatible with both smartphones, and tablets, along with the Wear OS smartwatches. It also helps in locking up the device as well. You can download this app from


The next tools app include the GasBuddy, which helps you to find the nearby fueling stations while you are on the long road trips. It compares the cost and recommend the cheapest gas for you. Mostly apt for US and Canada. You can download it from


It is among the best utility app that helps you track the data. It is useful for security purposes as it helps even to send your data back to your home servers. It offers you customizable data alerts with the real-time graph showcasing the data usage, and other customization features. You can download it from

Google Assistant / Google Search / Google Feed

This app is among the most powerful tools found on smartphone, which helps in lighting up the setup. This has many features clubbed in one to offer added functionality in one app proving you the best for you. You can download the app from


This app helps in making strong connections between a number of other apps. For example, it helps upload a photo from Dropbox & share on Instagram. The IFTTT integration built-in control all your smart lights. Plus get loads of recipes seeking the help of Google. You can download it from