Apps you Can’t imagine

The smartphones are all about apps and having different games that keep you connected to the world and make you act smart. Some usual apps remain common in all the apps, but there are a few which exist despite you feel that these do not exist. Let's check the apps you cannot imagine do exist but they still remain in the PlayStore, have a look at them as under:


This app is simply great as it helps in switching to any other app with ease. You do not have to go a that long way to get into the app by tapping over the apps and then get more apps and then finally find the one you need. You can download the app from


The other app that you need to check includes Greenify that can be counted in this list.  With the root permissions and the Xposed modules, you can easily make a majority of this app and thus can put any application into the hibernation mode and thus end up saving the resources and battery. You can download the app

Internet Speed Meter Lite

The other app worth considering is Internet Speed Meter Lite that has remained the most overlooked app in the market but it helps in your internet connectivity and getting higher speeds. The app showcases the strength of your WiFi signal and even the networking speeds over the notifications and the lock screen. It also tracks the daily data usage. You can download this app from

Terminal Emulator

This app is for people who want to learn some basic Linux/UNIX commands. Trust me you won't regret it and being a huge Linux fanboy, you can certainly find this app very much useful. You can download this app from

You can even use it to keep a track of your daily data usage. The best thing about this app is that it's extremely lightweight and hardly uses up system resources!